New Training Aids
We have added some new information to the website that will help you work with your player outside of practice. Open the Training Aids menu above to view mostly short videos on drills you can do in your backyard or living room to perfect techniques or work on issues that we can't spend time on one-on-one in practice. The first option on the menu is especially helpful. Some options are just for coaches.

Tournament Photos
You can get tournament photos at the links below.


Welcome New Wildcats!

Timeless Baseball Quotes

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The Importance of Change-Ups
The change-up or change of pace pitch has been part of baseball ever since the 1860’s when the game had evolved to the point that it was no longer considered ungentlemanly for a pitcher to fool the batter into missing. Ever since then, pitchers have continually sought to develop pitches that would destroy a hitter's timing.

The 23rd Bat Bag
The bat bag is full.
He shall never want.

It maketh me lie it down
in green fields.
I walk it around the wet mud.
It restoreth my muscles.
It teacheth me in the methods of stuffing, for the game's sake.


The Bag



Karen Farrell
©  2007

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Thanks for the Memories

Karen, Pat, and Greg would like to thank all the parents and players who were a part of the Texas Wildcats organization over the years. It was a lot of work, but we had a great time coaching your kids, and we hope that everyone came away with something positive from the experience.

The website will stay operational, so if you are looking for historical data, drills, photos, or just want to drop us a line, feel free. Thanks for the memories, and good luck in high school!

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After Cooperstown
Uploading your Photos

Please y'all—those of you who took video and photos from the trip, please upload them to the Photos page on this site for all to share. Just click the Photos link to the right.

The process

  1. You register on the site, Karen approves your registration (we keep spammers out that way), and you upload away.
  2. You click Upload File at the top of the menu, and you can upload up to 10 photos or videos at a time.
  3. After you upload the file, you place them in an album. They are by game. There are several fields you can fill out, like title, name, event, place, etc., but the only thing required is that you choose the album. Everything else is optional.
  • If your files are very large, you should resize them first, or it will fail. (2 MB is about the limit per file.)
Getting your Birth Certificates and Photos
If you haven't gotten your birth certificates or photos, I will mail them to you. Some of you also have balances that we need to settle up on. We'll handle all that through the mail—unless you want to drive to Alvin. :-)
Cooperstown Photos, Recorded Games, & DVDs

You can order action photos of your players, watch recorded games from four of the games that we played, and we will all soon get a DVD. The photo ordering will be available in July I think. Here is the link for the webcam stuff.

The stats are published on the Documents page. Login required, of course.
Settling Up
Some families have a balance, and I will be sending out statements so everyone can settle up. If you'd like to keep the helmet and gray scrimmage shirt, let me know, and I'll add that to your account; otherwise, we'll need that back.
We went to Cooperstown!
Cooperstown Dreams Park

The Texas Wildcats went to Cooperstown Dreams Park this summer to participate in the best youth baseball tournament in the United States! Thousands of teams go on the waiting list each year, but the Wildcats were one of the lucky teams selected to participate in one of the week-long tournaments held at the park this season.

Each week for 12 weeks in the summer, 102 12U youth select baseball teams compete in one of the seven-game guarantee tournaments, where some of the games are broadcast live on the Internet. The tournament is held in historic Cooperstown, New York, home of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. The tournament is only for 12 and under players. (One of the 12 weeks is for 10U.) Once you turn 13, your chance to play has passed. For more information on the tournament, see the Cooperstown menu on the right.

The team had a great time, and it's an experience that will stay with them for a lifetime!

Photos from League
League Photos

Please check the link on the far right (below) for photos from our Fall League. A couple of photos are posted on the Photos page as well.

If you were taking photos at the game, please log in to the Photos page and upload your photos for all to see! There is an album into which you can upload your photos.

Spring League Champions!
Spring League Champs

Congratulations to the Wildcats for winning the BABA Spring NIT League!

Way to go guys! Now get ready: Summer and Fall league are just around the corner.

Order Your Texas Wildcats Car Decal
Texas Wildcats Car Decal

You can now order full-color car decals with or without your player's name for $5, 7, or 8. Click the link below to order your decals.

Order car decals

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